Natural Gas Plant Liquids (NGPL)

Trammo began marketing and distributing LPG globally in 1973, moving significant volumes under long-term contracts throughout the world.

Trammo’s Gas Division, operating out of Houston, Texas, merchandises and trades the following LPG products regularly:

  • Ethane
  • Propane
  • Butane
  • Isobutane

Additionally, we also merchandise natural gasoline. Primary counterparts include major international oil companies, financial institutions, commodity trading firms, and end users. 

Propane accounts for the majority of the volume in the Gas Division’s LPG business. While propane is often used for water heating, cooking, motor fuel, and process applications, domestic heating dominates usage in the market. As a result, the market for LPG is highly seasonal and demand is higher during the cooler months. The Sea-3 terminals in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the Port of Tampa, Florida, alongside leased storage capacity in Mont Belvieu, Texas, and Conway, Kansas, give our Gas Division flexibility to respond to high demand during the winter season and provide merchandising and trading support to commercial counterparts in need of both product supply as well as price stability.