Trammo together with its partner, Wondernet Express Investment Group, make $20m investment in Georgia for construction of a new terminal in Batumi Port

Trammo and its local partner Wondernet Express LLP, with support from the Government of Georgia, have joined forces to create a strategic logistics corridor for the movement of bulk commodities by vessels, barges and railcars from Central Asian countries across the Caspian Sea through the ports of Baku, in Azerbaijan and Batumi, Georgia on the Black Sea to the West.


The new multimodal terminal at Batumi Port will be equipped with modern equipment for handling fertilizers, including a conveyor system and ship loaders equipped with dust control and filtration technology and warehouse facilities designed to store approximately 60,000 metric tons of bulk materials. The article below discusses further details of the project and Trammo’s decision to invest.

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American corporation Trammo to build new terminal in Batumi port


The Messenger Online

By Natalia Kochiashvili

Feb. 12, 2020


The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Archil Talakvadze met with the Executive Director of the American Corporation Trammo and the members of the Governing board this Wednesday in New York, USA.

According to the parliament’s press service, the US Company Trammo will invest $20 million in Georgia and will build a new terminal at the Batumi port, linking products from Asia to the European market via the Batumi port.

The Speaker of Parliament talked to the management of the corporation about the investment environment, strategic cooperation with the US, standards of protection of property rights and reforms implemented in Georgia.

Talakvadze welcomed American and, in general, foreign investments, saying: “These are new jobs and more economy for our country.”

After the meeting with Talakvadze, Trammo chief executive Edward Weiner said the decision was made because of Georgia's geostrategic position, business-friendly environment and stable country governance.

“As in America, you have very good tax legislation, an educated workforce, and I look forward to working with you," said Weiner.

In the process of cooperation, the company ensures compliance with high environmental standards and promises to make significant contributions to the development of the country.

According to Forbes, Trammo ranks 58th in the list of largest US companies.

Trammo, Inc. is a leading global commodity merchandiser engaged in the marketing, trading, distribution and transportation of a wide variety of commodity products, including being a market leader in anhydrous ammonia, sulfur, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and petroleum coke.

The Company was founded in 1965 by Ronald P. Stanton with the intention of specializing in the international trade of ammonia, and today remains privately held and manages its operations through its headquarters in New York City and offices worldwide.