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Anhydrous Ammonia

Trammo was founded in 1965 to trade ammonia and has grown to be the largest independent global trader in the world, with a market share of more than 20% of the seaborne global ammonia market.


Anhydrous ammonia is the building block for nitrogen-based fertilizers. In addition to being a fertilizer raw material, it is used in the production of chemicals and other important industrial applications.

The Product

Anhydrous ammonia is an alkaline compound consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen, which is transported worldwide in liquid form on board pressurized or refrigerated vessels. Handling and operating these vessels is highly specialized and requires particular knowledge and experience.  

The Market

Out of around 200 million metric tons of conventional ammonia produced annually worldwide, about 17 million metric tons are available for international marketing and seaborne trade. Almost all of the remaining capacity is dedicated to downstream production of fertilizers and chemical products.  In addition, ammonia in itself also serves as a fertilizer and can be injected directly into the soil through a process called direct application. 

Essential Uses

Trammo's role in the global supply chain

Since Trammo’s first international seaborne transport of an ammonia cargo in 1965, the Company has established itself as the world’s leading independent marketer and transporter of this product.  


Trammo trades and distributes around 4 million metric tons of ammonia annually and delivers ammonia worldwide with the help of a fleet of 10 to 14 semi and fully refrigerated gas carriers of various sizes. To access destinations with river-only access, we use tows and river barges. Trammo employs the largest independent fleet of fully refrigerated, inland waterway ammonia barge tows.


Trammo also engages in the domestic distribution of ammonia in the U.S. and China, providing key services to its customers using pipelines and its long-term leased or owned inland storage facilities.

We bring value to the industry by not only offering a necessary liquidity in the marketplace, but also moving a vital product for the global economy in the most logistically efficient manner and with the highest standard of quality in terms of safety and respect for the environment.

Christophe Savi
Product Manager,
Anhydrous Ammonia

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