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Building Resilience in the
Global Supply Chains 

Creating value
for over 58 years

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Who we are

Trammo is a leading international physical commodity trader at the heart of the global supply chain. We market, trade, distribute and transport raw materials critical to the fertilizer, petrochemical and mining industries. We also own production assets in the U.S (Nitric Acid - North Bend, Ohio) and own or operate terminals in the U.S. (Ammonia - Meredosia and Niota, Illinois), in China (Ammonia - Nanjing, Jiangsu) and the Republic of Georgia (Sulphur and Finished Fertilizers – Port of Batumi).


Since 1965, we have supported the growth of world trade as a reliable, independent, and global strategic partner, assuring the uninterrupted flow of key commodities through our logistical expertise and experience. We responsibly source these commodities, moving them from where they are produced to where they are needed.


Trammo is committed to being part of the solution to strengthening global supply chains.

What we do

We seek to maximize value for our business partners by anticipating supply and demand across the entire supply chain. Our focus on marketing and logistics allows us to deliver in-depth knowledge of physical market supply and demand dynamics and logistics, as well as the ability to rapidly adjust to market conditions.

Our global presence in 50 countries gives us the extensive market knowledge and insight needed to understand the needs of our business partners.

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Entrepreneurship is in our DNA

Founded in 1965 by Ronald P. Stanton as specialists in the international trade of ammonia, we have developed market leadership in anhydrous ammonia, sulphur, sulphuric acid, and petroleum coke, with niche positions in finished fertilizers and nitric acid.


Privately owned, our Company retains the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, which gives us great flexibility and agility in meeting our customers’ changing needs. Our founder’s commitment to integrity, dedication and customer service is key to our operations.

Ronald P. Stanton


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Finding creative solutions for our business partners

Trammo is market focused, responsive, and effective.  We provide timely diversification of offtake and supply, with industry leading skill sets in each of our product lines.

We take a visionary approach to our industry, investing in new assets and developing new and sustainable approaches to commodities, including our Green Ammonia and Central Asian Logistics Corridor initiatives.

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