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Global, Independent & Reliable

For almost 60 years, Trammo has participated in and actively supported the growth of world trade as a global, independent and reliable partner, ensuring through its market and logistical expertise and experience, an uninterrupted flow of key commodities.

We have built a global business based on service and performance, creating long-term value for our customers and suppliers by prioritizing their interests. Our presence and market coverage across all the major trading areas of the world allow us to gain extensive and unique knowledge and insight, which we transform for our valued business partners into stable supply with diversified and reliable sourcing.  Many of our products have similar characteristics and logistical requirements. This allows us to use our expertise, experience, infrastructure and technology across our various product lines.

The trading world becomes more demanding and challenging by the day.  It is exactly in these circumstances that Trammo thrives and helps its customers and suppliers navigate it, by adapting in the most flexible ways to a constantly changing business environment while maintaining the highest standards of service and reliability.

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Trammo by the Numbers


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Trammo is a leading international physical commodities trading and logistics company at the heart of the global supply chain. We market, trade, distribute and transport raw materials critical to the fertilizer, petrochemical and mining industries, including being a market leader in anhydrous ammonia, sulphur, sulphuric acid and petroleum coke, with niche positions in finished fertilizers and nitric acid.  

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Our expertise in Chartering, Logistics & Distribution 

Each of our product groups is staffed with talented and experienced professionals dedicated to overseeing these services. This approach ensures securing the most reliable transportation routes and competitive freight. Such product management oversight over chartering and logistics adds significant efficiency and value to our business partners.

Anticipating Supply & Demand

Our strategy seeks to maximize value for our business partners by anticipating supply and demand through our product groups focus on marketing and logistics to give us presence across the entire supply chain, delivering in-depth knowledge of physical market supply and demand dynamics and logistics and an ability to rapidly adjust to market conditions. 


Each product group manages his or her own logistics. We responsibly source the commodities – this means moving them from where they are produced to where they are needed.  

We provide a safe, cost-efficient way of moving our products from where they are produced to satisfy demand.

At Trammo, we add value to our business partners through space, time and form:

  • Space: using our expertise in logistics to move products efficiently from areas of surplus to areas of deficit

  • Time: deploying physical assets to take advantage of the fluctuations in product prices

  • Form: transforming raw materials into other products such as manufacturing nitric acid from ammonia.

Edward G. Weiner
President & Chief Executive Officer

Our Values

We pride ourselves in acting with integrity, ethically, and fairly, wherever we do business, and we seek relationships with business partners who share our values.  Mutual respect fosters mutual commitment to shared business objectives, including our efforts of ensuring safe and secure global supply chains.


We are aware that, as part of our business activities, we have responsibilities towards society and the environment.

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