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Internship Overview

An internship with Trammo is a unique paid opportunity offering exceptional college juniors and seniors interested in building a career in a leading international physical trading commodity firm. Your work as an intern will build expertise regrding various aspects of commodities trading and develop your understanding of the functions, economics, communications, customer service, risk assessment and decision-making of our business. We offer internships in various areas within our product and corporate Teams.

Program Benefits

In addition to learning about our business and gaining an understanding of the key components of our product and corporate teams, you will have the opportunity to develop a close working relationship with your supervisor and work with management throughout the company.  To maximize your learning, the internship is designed to provide you with real-world experiences, potentially including interactions with suppliers and customers. We are looking for candidates who are good fits for a full-time position on our trading, operations or corporate team following graduation.

Key Capabilities for Success

  • Strong analytical, quantitative and problem-solving skills

  • Strong oral and written communication abilities

  • Effective persuasion and negotiation skills

  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment

  • Motivated and driven to succeed

  • Adaptable, flexible and able to work in a fast-paced, price-volatile, changing environment

Internship positions available:
None as of this time

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