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Petroleum Coke

“Petcoke” is an integral product among energy commodities.  A byproduct of petroleum refining with a high calorific value, it is an economical fuel source.  Trammo has been trading petroleum coke since 2009 and is a leading independent global trader of the product.


Trammo provides an essential service to refiners around the globe who must dispose of petcoke in an environmentally friendly manner.

Trammo's role in the global supply chain

For refiners, storage capacity of this by-product is a key concern.   In addition, petcoke needs to be moved efficiently. For end users, security of supply and reliability of delivery is crucial.  Thanks to its logistical capabilities and activities in trade and transportation of other industrial commodities, Trammo fulfils these requirements.


Trammo provides expert shipping and chartering services with modern vessels fixed on voyage and time charters which meet strict refinery vetting criteria. When inland waterways allow for a more efficient transportation, we also contract river barges and tows to ensure efficient terminal access.

Trammo is one of the few companies successful in petcoke, a powerful, reliable, efficient pure trader with on-time delivery, a strong logistical profile, and a proven track record.

Timothée Bediou
Product Manager, Petroleum Coke

The Product

A majority of the coking processes produce “green delayed petroleum coke.” Trammo trades both fuel grade and anode/calcinable grade petcoke. Fuel grade petcoke quality varies by refinery, depending on crude quality and coking technology, with such variables as sulfur content affecting product value. As a stable fuel with little risk of combustion during transportation and storage, petcoke is used to make cement, lime, brick, glass, steel, and fertilizer as well as many other industrial applications.  

The Market

Annual production of fuel grade petcoke is around 100 million metric tons (MT), of which about 50% is sold internationally.  Trammo is one of the largest independent petcoke marketers in the world with a traded volume of over 3 million metric tons per year.  Trammo supplied its first petcoke cargo to China in 2009. 

Essential Uses

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