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Trammo and Iberdrola Sign Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Green Ammonia

June 14, 2023

Trammo SAS is pleased to announce the signing of a framework agreement for the purchase of green ammonia from Iberdrola, a world leader in renewable energies with 40 GW of installed capacity worldwide and the ambition to double its current portfolio to 80 GW by 2030.

Trammo expects to purchase and distribute within Europe up to 100,000 MT of green ammonia per year starting in 2026 from Iberdrola’s plant in Spain, which will be supported by 500 MW of new renewable energy.

As the world’s largest seaborne ammonia trader with a global leading position in the trading and distribution of anhydrous ammonia since 1965, Trammo has taken an active role in the transition to decarbonize the ammonia industry by helping to make available in the market significant volumes of green ammonia by 2035.


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