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Trammo and Wideshine sign agreements for the long-term charter of newbuild dual fuel ammonia vessels

May 28, 2024

Trammo Navigation Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean subsidiary of U.S. company Trammo, Inc., the world’s leading independent ammonia trader, distributor and transporter, and Tianjin Southwest Maritime Limited, the Chinese affiliate of Guangzhou-based shipowner Wideshine Enterprise Limited, have signed agreements for the long-term charter of 1 handy 25,000 CBM and 2 (up to 4) mid-size 41,000 CBM newbuild vessels with dual fuel ammonia engines for expected delivery as from 2026.


Front row, L to R: Christophe Savi (President of Trammo SAS) and Dai Shenqi (Commercial Director, Sinogas), Rear row, L to R: Pierre-Alexis Jonchere (Chartering & Operations Assistant Manager, Trammo), Martin Hurel (Vice President, Trading, Trammo), Asle Sjosaether (Shipbroker, Grieg), Liu Jichun (Chairman & Owner, Wideshine), Liu Luhui (Commercial Manager, Wideshine), Thomas Passerieux (Chartering & Operations Manager, Trammo) and Guan Yuheng (Assistant to the Chairman, Wideshine). Not pictured: Zhou Jinhao (Chartering Manager, Sinogas).


These LPG carriers have been designed for Trammo’s ammonia trade and will be powered by WinGD’s dual fuel ammonia engines. Trammo is committed to decarbonizing its shipping fleet and striving to meet the 2030 goals of the 2023 IMO GHG Strategy. It is intended that the vessels will consume ammonia as fuel to reduce carbon emissions by burning carbon neutral fuels. The vessels will be equipped with additional eco features such as shaft generators and paints produced using the latest technology to improve hydrodynamic efficiency and lower fuel consumption.


These vessels are expected to be in Trammo’s prime fleet for trading in Europe.  They will further Trammo’s goal of reducing carbon shipping emissions and will include the world’s first handy-size ammonia-fueled vessels.


The close collaboration between Trammo and Wideshine on this project has further strengthened a relationship that has existed between the two companies for several years.  Among other things, it has encompassed the long-term time charter of the LPG/C Hong Jin, a unique handy-size Chinese-flagged LPG carrier used for international as well as domestic trade.


Christophe Savi, Trammo’s Global Ammonia Product Manager, said: “In addition to fulfilling our commercial requirements, this ambitious project that we are embarking on with our partner Wideshine reflects our strong commitment to reduce carbon emissions from shipping.” 


About Trammo

Trammo is a leading international merchandising and trading company that markets, trades, transports and distributes key raw materials used in industrial processes and fertilizer production globally. The company is a market leader in anhydrous ammonia, sulfur, sulfuric acid, and petroleum coke, with niche positions in finished fertilizers and nitric acid. The history of Trammo spans almost 60 years.


About Wideshine

Wideshine is a globally renowned leader in gas transportation with a modern fleet of various types of gas carriers and tankers, including LNG, VLGC, VLEC, Ethylene, Ammonia, Multi-purpose Gas, LNG bunkering Vessels, Pressurized Gas, and Asphalt Tankers. With over 30 years of experience, Wideshine have a deep expertise in safely and efficiently transporting gas commodities worldwide. Wideshine are dedicated to building one of the world‘s most energy-efficient and eco-friendly fleets by using eco-design and cutting-edge dual fuel propulsion technology, fulfilling our commitment to make a greener world.


About WinGD


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