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Trammo Donates to the Hart Fund for Soil Research at Iowa State University

Matt Helmers (right) with Iowa State University alumni supporters Brent and Cindy Hart. Photo by Sarah Hays.

May 9, 2022

It’s no exaggeration to say that nitrogen helps feed the world. As an essential micronutrient in fertilizer used in crops such as corn, soybeans, and wheat, nitrogen has tremendously boosted soil productivity.

However, excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer presents serious environmental and health risks. Proper nitrogen management has thus become a key challenge in agriculture today, with researchers working on ways to reduce groundwater pollution by controlling seepage into the soil.

At Iowa State University efforts are underway to understand how to reduce the nitrogen that ends up in water sources. To support this research, Trammo recently made a contribution the Hart Fund for Soil Research, which includes faculty research into nitrogen management, carbon capture and water quality. The Fund was started by Brent Hart, an alumnus of Iowa State and former CEO of Trammo.

The gift will allow more progress on these projects, including those led by Dr. Matthew Helmers, a nationally known leader on water quality and nutrient management issues,

( In a Medallion Ceremony last May, Dr. Helmers, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering at the Iowa Nutrient Research Center, was named the inaugural recipient of the Professorship established by the Hart Fund.

“This meaningful contribution by Trammo, Inc. helps sustain excellence in our programs and retain our place among the top agricultural and life sciences colleges in the world. We increasingly rely on public-private partnerships to stay on the leading edge of innovation and distinction,” Daniel J. Robison, Endowed Dean’s Chair, said at the ceremony.

Dr. Helmers's research interests focus on on-point source pollution, drainage, in-field performance of vegetative filters, and the impact of crop and animal production systems on Iowa's water resources. In addition, he does research into monitoring and modeling watershed hydrology, including the hydrologic response of watersheds to land-use changes.

Supporting nitrogen management is just one of the ways Trammo is encouraging the transition to a greener planet.

This contribution was made in the spirit of the philanthropic goals set by Trammo’s founder.


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