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The Multi-Modal
Batumi Terminal

Batumi, Georgia terminal opens a new ‘Silk Route’ to the West

Just as the ancient Silk Route propelled trade from Asia to the Mediterranean, the new bulk freight terminal in Batumi, Georgia financed by Trammo and its local partner Wondernet Express LLP, with support from the Republic of Georgia, is strengthening Central Asian commodities trade worldwide

Batumi Terminal

The multi-modal terminal in Batumi, Georgia on the Black Sea, opens a strategic logistics corridor for the transit of bulk commodities by vessels, barges and railcars from Central Asia to the West.


The terminal is another important link in the global supply chain and makes possible new opportunities for trade. It offers crucial access to new markets for more remote producers and suppliers of fertilizers and sulphur from the region.


It features the most modern equipment for handling fertilizers and sulphur, including a conveyer system, ship loaders equipped with dust control and filtration technology, and warehouse facilities designed to store approximately 60,000 metric tons of bulk materials.

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