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Sulphur is mainly produced when purifying natural gas and refining oil.


Sulphur is an indispensable product required to produce sulphuric acid for phosphate fertilizers and metal leaching. The energy captured when sulphur is converted to sulphuric acid yields significant electricity needed for a greener world.


As the largest independent global marketer of sulphur, Trammo provides an essential service to the oil and gas producers to bring this product to market in an environmentally friendly manner.

Trammo's role in the global supply chain

Trammo is the single largest sulphur marketer in the world with a traded volume of 5 million metric tons per year.  Trammo supplied its first sulphur cargo to North Africa in 1984.  Since then, Trammo has been a significant market participant representing about 17% of all global shipments and 22% of the market excluding captive business, with total sales of over 78 million metric tons.


Trammo has unique expertise in building specialized logistical supply chains that help move sulphur from remote areas where it is produced to locations where it is consumed. These logistical chains include the provision of railcars, arranging for ocean-going bulk carrier vessels, and the building of specialized inland and port terminals.

As the single largest sulphur marketer in the world, Trammo provides an essential service to producers, bringing their products to diverse markets in a logistically efficient and environmentally friendly manner

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Product Manager,

The Product

Today, Sulphur produced from oil and gas production and refining accounts for up to 95% of traded volume.  Sulphur is used in a wide variety of industries, most of it after conversion into sulphuric acid, as an input for fertilizer production (70%), in metal leaching (20%) and in various chemical industries (10%).  Globally, sulphur is typically marketed in solid form and transported in bulk around the world on-board ocean-going vessels.

The Market

Annual production is about 70 million metric tons of sulphur of which about 50% is available for seaborne trade.

Essential Uses

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