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The New World of
Green and Blue

Ammonia requires Hydrogen molecules which are extracted primarily from natural gas. This “cracking” process requires significant energy with carbon dioxide either being released directly or indirectly into the atmosphere (Grey Ammonia) or captured and sequestrated preventing its emission (Blue Ammonia).


Green Ammonia, however, is produced extracting this essential molecule directly from water using renewable energy sources and through a complex electrolysis system. Though this technical process was around for decades, it had not yet reached economic viability, thereby preventing production on a large-scale basis.


As part of its commitment to environmental responsibility, Trammo has taken a leading role in sponsoring Green Ammonia production projects. Trammo has entered into several partnerships in which its market and logistics expertise supports the development and promotion of Green Ammonia projects worldwide.


Green and Blue Ammonia, considered as decarbonized energy, are creating new markets for the product, including as maritime fuel, power plants feedstock or Hydrogen carriers. These “new” markets will grow rapidly in the upcoming years and decades to meet global decarbonization objectives established in the various countries in which Trammo operates.


Trammo is excited to take a leading role in the transition to decarbonized ammonia production, which will have a significant positive and lasting impact on the environment. We plan to market and distribute significant volumes of Green Ammonia by 2030.

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