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Sulfur & Sulfuric Acid:

Building Blocks for Fertilizer and a More Sustainable World

Sulfur and Sulfuric Acid play an integral role in a range of industries but are particularly vital in agriculture. They also contribute to producing sustainable products required for a greener world. Rapid growth in the green economy and intensive agriculture could push demand for sulfur to over 400 million tons by 2040.

More than 80% of the global sulfur supply is extracted from fossil fuels like oil and natural gas. Sulfur is converted into sulfuric acid and recycled into fertilizers, essential to meet the growing demand for food as the world’s population expands. Sulfuric acid is also produced through the metals smelting process.


Sulfuric Acid

These essential commodities are also used for other productive uses such as water processing, car batteries, cleaners, mineral extraction, and the vulcanization of rubber to make preservatives for foods and ingredients for soap.

Without sulfur in the form of sulfuric acid, industries would struggle to produce the fertilizers that raise agricultural yields to feed the world or extract the essential metals used in everything from solar panels to electric car batteries.

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