Sulfuric Acid

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The Product
Sulfuric acid is a key element in the production of fertilizer (phosphates and ammonium sulfate) which is its primary use (approximately 65% of total consumption).  Sulfuric acid is also used in the mining industry for leaching of copper, nickel, uranium and other elements from ores (approximately 15% of total consumption).  It is also is used in  various industrial  processes (approximately 20% of total consumption), including the production of titanium dioxide for dyes and pigments, the production of other industrial chemicals, water treatment, the production of cellulose, paper and rubber, and in the food and glass industries.  Sulfuric acid is one of the most widely used chemical commodities.

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The Market
Total worldwide annual production is approximately 265 million metric tons (MT).  Internationally, approximately 18 million MT per year of sulfuric acid are traded in all forms, and the seaborne trade comprises only about 11 million metric tons.

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Trammo’s role in the supply chain 
Trammo began trading sulfuric acid in 1999.  Today, Trammo is the world’s largest sulfuric acid trading company, with an annual volume of approximately 3 million MT, approximately 2.4 million of which is seaborne trade.

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