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Sulphuric Acid

One of the most widely used chemical commodities, sulphuric acid is a hazardous product requiring special expertise in handling. Trammo has been trading sulphuric acid since 1999 and is now the largest independent global trader.

Trammo's role in the global supply chain

Trammo is the world’s largest sulphuric acid trading company, with an annual volume of over 3 million metric tons, approximately 2.4 million of which is seaborne trade. Trammo is the largest sulphuric acid charterer among trading companies, chartering more than 210 tankers annually.  


In addition to direct counterparty relationships, Trammo also has strategic partners in key regional markets, allowing Trammo to have a local presence in the region to ensure efficient transaction logistics and broader sales capabilities. Trammo uses storage tanks in Harvey, LA, USA and the port of Mejillones, Chile with storage capacities of 15,000 and 20,000 metric tons, respectively.

What distinguishes Trammo, apart from our flexibility and market expertise, is our investment in logistics, which gives us greater independence.

Sarah Terrell
Product Manager,
Sulphuric Acid

The Product

Sulphuric acid is used in the production of fertilizers and the leaching of metals.  It is also used in various industrial processes, including the production of titanium dioxide for dyes and pigments, the production of other industrial chemicals, water treatment, the production of cellulose, paper and rubber, and in the food and glass industries.

The Market

Total worldwide annual production is approximately 290 million metric tons (MT). The seaborne global market comprises approximately 15 million metric tons of which about 80% is smelter and 20% is sulphur burned.

Essential Uses

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